GRIT Experience

The YWCA is heading up a new program called GRIT (Girls Represented In Trades). This is for girls who attend schools at Clarkston, Lewiston, Asotin, Pomeroy, and Lapwai. The objectives of this program are:

We are in the process of organizing our first event for this program. It is a one-day learning opportunity that will be held at both the LCSC and WWCC campuses. The scheduled day is June 22 from 8 am-4 pm. Girls who are interested will have an opportunity to learn about trades and professions such as industrial mechanics, aluminum welding, fire science/EMT, drones, and computer science, among other professions. Transportation and lunch will be provided.

Registration forms are available from Mrs. Lang in the office or Amy in the Guidance Office.

GRIT Experience

GRIT Responsibility

GRIT Photo Release