You  Are Not Alone

If you or another student is hurting and need help, we are available.  Times get tough and we want you to know we are here.  If you are concerned about another student, you can call to report your concern to a professional that can follow up with the student.  If you are a parent/guardian and have concerns about your student or another student, please feel free to reach out and let us know. 

Numbers counselors can be reached at:

Jeff Briney (CHS Counselor): 509.552.0831

Janet Beitelspacher Auer (CHS Counselor): 509.552.2177

Kindra Hibbard (CSD School Psychologist): 509.552.2183

Jil Taylor (LMS Social Worker): 509.552.2195

Shannon Rhodes (LMS Counselor): 509.552.2646

Local Numbers:

Quality Behavioral Health [QBH]: 509-758-3341


National Hotlines:

*24 hour Crisis Text Line: TEXT “HOME” to 741-741 (live trained counselor will receive the text and respond)

*National Suicide Prevention Line: 800-273-TALK (8522)

*Trevor Project: Call 866-488-7386 or TEXT “START” to 678-678 (LGBTQ Suicidal Prevention and Crisis Intervention)

Below is information, resources, and talking points that can be helpful to you when discussing with your student. I am also including a list of school and community resources should you feel your student is in need of additional assistance. 

Preventing Youth Suicide Tips for Parents and Educators
Preventing Teen Suicide
Hotline Phone Numbers
You Are Not Alone Suicide Info
Students Experiencing Loss or Trauma