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At Clarkston High School, our mission is to develop and inspire productive and informed global citizens who are workplace, college and career ready.


Our school will participate in the 2016 Healthy Youth Survey during the weeks of October 10th to 21st.  Students in grades 6, 8, 10, and 12 across Washington State are being asked to take the survey.  Please read and share the information provided in this link with your student(s).  More information can be obtained by contacting Kevin Beck, Department of Health, at 1-877-HYS-7111.





Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year, Bantams!  As your new Principal of Clarkston High School, I’ve had the privilege of meeting students, staff and community members.  We’ve engaged in conversations where I’ve learned our school’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.  I’ve also welcomed advice in this leadership position in our great community.  There are many amazing traditions at Clarkston High School and together with our students and staff, we’re generating ideas to build on the success of our traditions toward improved student achievements.  I believe it’s important to honor the traditions of our great school while also looking to the future.  Fittingly, our Board of Directors and Superintendent, Tim Winter, announced our new Clarkston School District motto as
Honor the Past, Be the Future.  I share in this perspective of our growth together in our great schools. 

In collaboration with our staff and community, I am determined to empower each and every student to graduate from Clarkston High School.  It is essential to partner in this work together for our young adults to maximize their learning in preparation for college, career and workforce.  My philosophy is we owe it to our students and ourselves to do everything better than it’s ever been done before.  Simply put, better than ever!  I approach our work with a “Students First” attitude where everything counts and details matter. We will celebrate our students and staff as much as possible, having fun as we enrich the whole high school experience. 

My amazing wife, Marci, and I have three boys and she is also an educator in our schools.  As parents, we have a 13 year-old, 11 year-old, 7 month-old and one on the way (due in February).  We care very much for our students.  Having a vested interest in our schools, I promise to give this role as your Principal at Clarkston High School the work ethic it deserves. 

It is my goal for all students to graduate informed, with character and integrity, and that they enter into the real world courageously.  Together, we can help ensure all students achieve their goals and that their dreams come true. I look forward to this partnership in collaboration, learning, achieving and celebration.  GO BANTAMS! 

Carlos M. González, Jr.


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